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All of my pictures have been shot in a natural setting.
The way nature has placed them.
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© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3406591: gotta Itch? Unbelievable but True        slide show (10)
Pictures that are hard to believe;
But are True; No Photoshop creations...
No Staged pictures; Just the way I found them.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3524672: Guinea's #1_7144 Birds        slide show (150)
Pictures of all of our feathered Firends. Guinea's, Pheasants, Grouse in a tree, Great Grey Owls, Oreo, Scarlet Tanger, Seagulls, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Eagles, Geese, Sandhill cranes.
If I have listed something that you may be looking for & it is not there E-mail me, I have it Just haven't uploaded it yet.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3487270: Buffalo Ramming Heads Bison        slide show (10)
Pictures of Buffalo playing in the winter, grazing in the summer.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3493580: Blue Herion Blue Herion        slide show (16)
Pictures of Blue Herions, Blue Herions with Ducks, Blue Herion with White Eggert

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 6877385: we did it blk   wh Charity & Michael Crnobrna's Wedding ...        slide show (150)
Charity & Michael Crnobrna's Wedding Pictures;
Pictures from the July 19th 2008
Wedding of Charity Heins & Michael Crnobrna's .

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3410993: 2 Roosters Arguing. Chickens        slide show (17)
Chickens Or Baby Chicks.
Roosters fighting.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3406675: Dairy cows out in the snow Cows        slide show (12)
Pictures of Dairy & Beef Cattle

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3620629: Doe & Twin Fawns Black & White Deer        slide show (8)
Pictures of deer

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3406567: Springer & Shepard Together Dogs/ Puppies        slide show (32)
Cute Pictures of Dogs Or Puppies

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3492330: 2 little ducklings Ducks        slide show (22)
Pictures of Ducks, Ducks in water, Ducklings, Dogs with Ducks,

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3492680: Bald Eagle Vertical Eagles        slide show (25)
Pictures Of Bald Eagles, Eagles Nest, Eagles in trees, Eagles in Flight, Eagles Taking off. Eagles on road Kill

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3525135: Hibernating Farmall Farm Things        slide show (29)
Pictures of things that have to do with The Farm & farming!

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3520686: Fire Works #1 Fire Works        slide show (3)
Pictures of Fireworks from the 4th of July 2005.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3406542: Pink Fushia Flowers        slide show (157)
All kinds of flowers.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3493771: Toad in hand Frogs / Toads        slide show (9)
Pictures of Tree frogs, pictures of toads,

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3620613: Flower Garden Vertical Gardens        slide show (8)
Pictures of Gardens & Landscapes

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3520673: Humming bird on guard Humming Birds        slide show (10)
Pictures of Humming Birds; LOOK AT THEM CLOSE SOME of them you can see another coming at it in attack.

Browse All Photos        slide show
© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3411146:  A Fishermans Treat Lake Photos/ Fishing.        slide show (51)
Nice views of Lakes Or Fishing Things

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3493670: Light House Vertical Light Houses / Waterfalls        slide show (18)
Pictures of Light Houses, SplitRock Light house, Light House in Grand Marais, Diamond Head Light House.
Due to the fact I don't have to many pictures in this category I am adding water falls. I hope you don't mind

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 6806378: a a a - pete   melissa blk   w Melissa & Pete Erickson's Wedding ...        slide show (239)
Here They are The pictures you may have been waiting for!

Melissa Robyn & Pete Erickson August 16, 2008

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3520647: 3 Mushrooms Mushrooms        slide show (5)
Pictures of Mushrooms out in the wild.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 6964575: baby chicks  d Newly uploaded photos 9/14/08        slide show (95)
New photos that I just uploaded.... Pictures of Alaska; underwater Scuba Diving; Flower pictures, Baby Chicks;
Hawaii; Jamaica;

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3673574: Rolling down hwy 61026 On The Road        slide show (11)
Pictures taken as we are rolling down the Highway! Some I may have stopped to take..

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3959988: I SEE YOU People        slide show (88)
An assortment of people pictures I have taken. Afew Wedding Photos; Senoir Portraits.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3624607: Baby Pheasant Squack Pheasants        slide show (14)
All Kinds of Pheasants! From Baby to maturing,

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3639722: 2 Sandhill Cranes SandHill Cranes        slide show (10)
Pictures of Sandhill Cranes.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3411260: Geese In Fog Scenic        slide show (153)
Pictures that are nice to look at. I think would make a nice picture to hang on your walls.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3411211: Beautiful clouds Sky / Clouds        slide show (10)
Pictures of colorful Clouds,
Neat cloud formations,
Troubled sky's, Peaceful sky's,
Relaxing Sky's. Vacation sky's

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3571873: New Life Grape Vine Spring        slide show (20)
Pictures of Plant New life

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3535405: Green Wine Bottle with Candles. Still Lifes        slide show (55)
Pictures that I had setup.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 5139332: Hauling Sugar Cane Travel        slide show (83)
Neat Pictures Of Places I have Been

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3492505: Swans in the pond # 9357 Trumpeter Swams        slide show (24)
Trumpeter Swams, Swimming, Splashing, Stretching Wings, Playing in water.

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3496331: Turkeys Peeking at me # 4 Turkeys        slide show (25)
Pictures of Turkeys, In flight on the ground, In the woods, in the field,

© Susan  Leverty PhotoID# 3534498: Snowy Road 8987 Winter Pictures        slide show (70)
Pictures of all sorts of things covered in snow. & Ice


© Susan Leverty

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